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Still under construction, this web site is dedicated to providing information on quite water paddling locations in NJ, as well as the southeastern portion of PA.  As of 1999, there were no books covering this topic.  There is a series of books about quite water canoeing, but NJ is not covered, and the PA book is outdated and incomplete.  Even when there are books published about NJ locations, they focus too much on history.  WHO CARES!  If you are like me, you want the critical facts about the lake:
  • Where is it and how do I get there?
  • What is the parking like?
  • How close is the parking to the launch facilities?  (i.e. How far do I have to carry my boat?)
  • Restrooms: Are there any?  And if so, where are they?
  • What are the launch facilities like?  Will my gelcoat get scratched?
  • How are the wind conditions?
  • Do I have to worry about powerboats?
  • How is this lake for practicing rolling or viewing fall foliage?
Issues such as how to shop for boats, paddles, dry suits, and other gear will eventually be covered, but for now the focus is establishing this site as a NJ-eastern PA paddling location repository.

Personal Background: I live near Trenton, so written directions will be 'Trenton-centric'.  And since most of my paddling has been in sea kayaks, all writings are from a kayaking perspective.  As far as I know, canoeists and kayakers have the same requirements, but if not, I would hope that some of you canoeists will tell me what type of info to include.

Originally developed in Microsoft's FrontPage 2000.  Due to performance issues with this web site and FrontPage itself, I began rewriting the web site in HTML.  Even viewing this site, using a cable modem, the download time of some of the pages in the FrontPage 2000 version was noticeable; NO MORE FrontPage 2000!!!

For now, the site is a combo of ASP, HTML, & SQL Server 2005, with the focus on supporting on the latest versions of Internet Explorer.  The eventual goal is to migrate to ASP.NET.  But the immediate goal is to add content.

PLEASE send any comments and criticisms about this web site to graphitepaddle@yahoo.com.  I welcome all of the feedback that I can get.

Revision History

Easter 2010 Added a boat rental section to the Marsh Creek page; other sites will follow in time.  Since changing web hosts, the filtering & sorting on the Table of Locations page has not worked ... so it has been indefinitely disabled until I get around to fixing it.
Mon, 7-Sep-2009 Revamped the Miscellaneous page to include links to pictures of the some of the group trips.
Mon, 24-Aug-2009 Added the Wading River.
Wed, 17-Jun-2009 Added the new section to the Round Valley page: Hours of Operation.  There are times that you feel like paddling at off hours, and who wants to waste a drive, only to find out that they are not allowed to paddle.  This section will be added to the other location pages, as they are updated.
Sun, 2-Sep-2007 Added the Great Egg Harbor Bay.
Mon, 27-Aug-2007 Added the Mullica River.
Sun, 1-Apr-2007 Changed the file extension of 7 shore-related web pages from .HTM to .ASP, for maintenance purposes.  Apologies to those who had links to these pages.
Sun, 4-Mar-2007

The state of NJ has entered the 21st century: The Round Valley parking permit is available online.

Sun, 3-Dec-2006

Changed the primary font from Euromode, which few people have, to Tahoma (most Microsoft Windows users have this font).  Over time, I will get around to reformatting the paragraphs on the entire web site.

Added a picture page for Marsh Creek.
Thu, 23-Nov-2006 Added another page for the Delaware-Raritan Canal; Rocky Hill area.  Each launch area of the canal will have their page.
Sun, 28-May-2006 Added a 'Water Type' filter to the filter page.  This filters the Table of Locations as either Bays, Lakes, or Tidal Rivers.
Mon, 22-May-2006 Revamped the bay pages, giving each launch location a separate page, versus grouping all of a bay's launch locations on a single page.  Hovering over a county will now give the GPS coordinates of the launch location.  And the 'Last Visited' column is now displayed when the mouse hovers over the title.
Sat, 15-May-2004 Updated the fee info for the PA state parks and Round Valley.  (The former was SO BAD, that after a recent trip to Marsh Creek, I wasn't sure that I had a valid permit!)  From now on, the Lake Nockamixon page will contain the PA launch permit info, and other PA state park lakes will reference it.
Sun, 6-Apr-2003 Added more photos for Farrington Lake, and added photo pages for Lake Lenape, Merrill Creek, Spruce Run, and the Thimble Islands.  Picture sizes have expanded to a maximum width of 1280 pixels, and a height of 1024 pixels.  And after a situation where I couldn't find the links to my web photos, I put a camera icon in the Table of Locations, and the description pages, whereever there is a link to pictures.  (Except for the Miscellaneous page.)
Thu, 26-Dec-2002 Removed the link to the Hunterdon County Canoe Club.  The web site is not being maintained.
Sun, 1-Dec-2002 Added Little Egg Harbor.
Sat, 3-Aug-2002 Changed the link color from lime to fushsia.  (Given the rest of the color scheme, lime did't cut it.  Any UI experts have a better idea, given the color scheme of the rest of the web site?)  Also changed the colors on the Links page, because dark purple on a white background was an idiotic color scheme.
Fri, 26-Jul-2002 Added Prospertown Lake.  Changed the entry for Great Bay to Little Bay.
Fri, 28-Jun-2002 Added Barnegat Bay.  For now, the focus is on the vicinity of Berkeley Island, but this will expand.
Sun, 12-May-2002 Added Carnegie Lake.
Sun, 28-Apr-2002 Made changes to accommodate IE6; paragraphs were not breaking correctly, 'less than or equal' wasn't showing up either.
Sun, 17-Mar-2002 Sorting is fully operational on the Table of Locations filter page.  Only the 'Launch Facilites' field is not sortable.

Tried to disable the sort options whenever the user entered ANYTHING in the 'Distance' edit box, but the onchange & onblur events didn't always fire as expected, so I scraped the idea for now.
Sat, 16-Mar-2002 Changed the text background (in most areas of the site), from the water drop pattern to black or white, to make the site easier to read.  Thanks to Christina Krosche & Chris DePalma for pointing out my poor color selection.

Added sorting to the Table of Locations filter page.  2 more fields need to be added.
Sat, 9-Feb-2002 Added Crosswicks Creek & the Metedeconk River.
Sat, 5-Jan-2002 The Filter Options now includes all of the filter criteria.  Sorting is still defaults to the name of the location.  (Unless the distance criteria is in use.)  Sorting options will go in at some future date.
Thu, 3-Jan-2002 The Distance Filter now includes a list of city locations, as an alternate method for entering the latitude & longitude.
Mon, 31-Dec-2001 Table of Locations.ASP now has an optional filter that allows the user to specify a latitude, longitude, and distance from those coordinates.  The list of locations is sorted based on their proximity to the specified coordinates.  (And only those locations that are within a specified radius are listed.)
Fri, 28-Dec-2001 'Table of Locations.ASP' has replaced 'Table of Locations.HTM'.  (This, and the use of JavaScript on the resume page, is a departure from the using pure HTML; speed is being sacrificed for future functionality.)  The appearance of the ASP page should be identical to the HTM page.  Expect filtering of the locations to be available within the month.  The link to Mountain Lake on the table is broken, but their is no noticable evidence.
Also, this table is now ordered from recent to least recent changes.
Tue, 18-Dec-2001 Changed my E-mail address.  nielskistrup@yahoo.com will be valid until at least the start of Spring 2002, but will be gone by summer.
Fri, 23-Nov-2001 Added a map of JSSKA's Litle Egg Harbor trip to the Miscellaneous page.
Fri, 2-Nov-2001 Added meta tags in some of web pages, in an effort to have this web site found by the search engines.
Fri, 19-Oct-2001 Fixed the problem with the 'black gaps'.
Wed, 17-Oct-2001 Changed the link buttons, at the top of most pages, to image anchors.  These links only worked if you clicked in the black area around the text, not the text itself.  (There is still a problem with 'black gaps', but I'll fix that later.)
Added Marsh Creek.
Thu, 11-Oct-2001 Completed the HTML rewrite of the web site.  No more FrontPage 2000!!!!  Though easy to get started on, FrontPage 2000 crashed frequently & created slow-to-load HTML code.  HomeSite 4.5.2 is now being used, but deployment is being handled through Internet Explorer 5.x.
Mon, 1-Oct-2001 Added a link to NY Harbor closing info, on the Links page.
Sat, 22-Sep-2001 Added Thimble Islands and photos of NY Harbor.  Certain locations in the Table of Locations will not be documented, such as Mountain Lake.
Wed, 4-Apr-2001 Added maps to Lake Mercer & Merrill Creek.
Sun, 1-Apr-2001 Added photos and a map to Farrington Lake.  The number of photos per location will be restricted based on location size:
  • Huge: <= 30
  • Large: <= 25
  • Medium: <= 20
  • Small: <= 15
  • Tiny: <= 10
Mon, 19-Mar-2001 Added Lake Luxembourg (a.k.a. Core Creek) and a map for Round Valley.
Sun, 18-Mar-2001 Added information about getting PA boating permits.  The Links page now has meaningful names.
Thu, 8-Mar-2001 Added Lake Mercer, Manasquan Reservoir, and Merrill Creek.  Also added hyperlink references, to tie location pages together, without having to go through the Table of Locations page.
Tue, 27-Jun-2000 The Table of Locations page, now includes a link to a Table of Prohibited Locations.  Also added pages for Round Valley, Lake Nockamixon, and Farrington Lake.  There is also a Miscellaneous page, which includes info about Garmin GPS's.
Tue, 18-Apr-2000 In the Table of Locations page, I added a link to page describing Spruce Run.  Other locations will get their own page.  Eventually these pages will include maps and finally pictures.
Tue, 4-Jan-2000 Initial draft of www.graphitepaddle.com on the Internet.  It was created, using FrontPage 2000.