Graphite Paddle: Dedicated to NJ kayaking

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This web site contains information about paddling locations in NJ, eastern PA, plus other nearby states.  If you enjoy kayaking or canoeing in lakes, reservoirs, and bays, this web site is for you.  Whitewater enthusiasts look elsewhere.

Maintenance Note: Currently, this web site is mostly HTML, with some ASP.  Still pondering a switch to ASP.NET.  But in the mean time, new location pages will be added, as well as a new features aimed at beginners.  (e.g. Which locations have rental kayaks?  What equipment do you need to get started?)

As of 19-Aug-2009, this site is now hosted by (versus, which was used for the last 9 ½ yrs), and is still in the setup stage.  All that remains are:
  • Fix the Table of Locations filter page: Distance filtering is flat-out broken!
  • Verify all links
  • Check colors &s; fonts for readability
  • Enhance the filter for the Table of Locations page, to ID locations which rent kayaks
  • Update the About page
It contains: