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The BIGGEST canoe & kayak dealer in NJ, PERIOD.  They have a wide selection of boats, which can be test paddled in nearby Forge Pond for a fee.  Their selection of paddling clothing & other gear leaves something to be desired ... and is getting worse.  They sponsor several paddling events throughout the year, including Paddlesport in late March, early April.
Sells Yakima & Malone of Maine roof rack accessories.  Though George does not accept credit cards, he is accomodating when paying by check.
Aluminum-framed folding kayaks.
Think fast & incredibly maneuverable for their length.  Because of stability issues, these boats are not for novices.  My Currituck has over 2000 miles: Exceptional in flat conditions & head winds over 25 mph, but very squirrely in following seas ... though the skeg helps.
Makers of drysuits, PFDs, and other apparel.  Their web site contains suggestions for how to dress under your drysuit.
Their neoprene sprayskirts are top-of-the-line, and their customer service is just as good.  After having been frustrated with their Linderback model for nearly year, because it stayed on TOO tight, I sent it back to be loosen up.  They returned it, free of charge, still tight, but easy enough for me to attach without a struggle.
The Extreme Tour model is the best sprayskirt that ever owned.  Good color choices available, if you order on the Internet.  Unfortunately most stores follow the Henry Ford philosophy: You can have any color that you want as long as it is black.
1 of only 2 manufacturers that make graphite Greenland paddles; they also make them in wood.  One of their paddles has lasted over 800 trip hours.
Great selection of graphite Euro blade paddles.
Specifically, the Delaware Valley Division, focusing on western NJ & eastern PA.  Check out their list of links.  If you're at work, turn off your speaker, since this a NOISY site.
A message board listing trips, mostly along the NJ shore.  Occasionally, places like Merrill Creek and Round Valley are included.  Additional info about the club is also available.
Miscellaneous Sites
Depth contours of various NJ lakes.  Incomplete and the maps do not follow the same format.
Listing of lakes, ponds, & reservoirs in NJ, by county.  Geared toward fishermen, but very helpful to paddlers.  This is my favorite web site discovery.